Putting Our Heads Together and Trying New Apps

Today, I had an enjoyable day leading a small workshop at the FutureSchools Expo in Sydney. There were only seven of us in the workshop which was great because it allowed us to talk and share ideas for using a variety of apps and sites in classrooms. The workshop started out with my outline for the day and me sharing some of my favorite apps. By the time our afternoon break came around everyone was trying something new to him or her. It was a pleasure to see how the group tried new things and shared their ideas with the group.

Highlights of sharing:
Using ChatterPix Kids in conjunction with Aurasma to create a talking coffee cup. The idea was extended to having students create videos about their favorite characters from books.

Using Showme in conjunction with Aurasma to create mathematics tutorials that play when students scan a geometric shape.

Using PicMonkey in conjunction with Thinglink to create interactive, multimedia collages.

Everyone in the group tried something new today and equally importantly shared with the group their first attempts at making a media type that was new to him or her. At the end of the day trying new things and sharing our successes and failures with colleagues is how we will ultimately develop better learning experiences for our students. Thank you to Bree, Darryn, Todd, Rebecca, Scott, and Carol for sharing and making today a great experience for all of us.

This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers
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