PicCollage, ThingLink, and A Visit to the USS Alabama

On Monday I had a great day working with teachers in Pensacola, Florida. I was supposed to fly home on Tuesday morning, but US Airways had other plans for me and I ended up spending a whole day in Mobile, Alabama. I made the most of the day by visiting the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. I highly recommend taking a tour of the park if you find yourself with free time in Mobile. I took a lot of pictures while I was there and I’ve put the best ones (by comparison to my usual terrible picture-taking skills) into a Pic-Collage. I then took my Pic-Collage and dropped it into ThingLink to add some additional information to the things in my collage. That ThingLink is embedded below.

Watch the two videos that I made and embedded below to learn how to use Pic-Collage, PicMonkey, and ThingLink.


This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.

from Free Technology for Teachers http://ift.tt/1AsvdgS


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