Talking QR Codes

QR codes have gone above the simple linking to a website or displaying a word. Teachers all around the world are finding new and innovative ways to integrate these into their everyday teaching. This post outlines two tools that you can create QR codes that talk! I highly recommend you explore these tools and integrate them where you see fit in our classroom!

Make sure you have a QR code reader on your devices
I would recommend i-Nigma

Go to or QR Voice to create your talking QR Codes. Below are some annotated images to help you use these two websites. (you must use the iPhone app)

QR Voice

Use these tools to:

Have students create a get to know you listening code.

Create auditory directions for homework

Create directions making your centers independent. Student scan and hear you giving them directions!

Create interactive bulletin boards

Create partner riddles/work

Change your spelling words forever!



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